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finanz-fox presents: Everything you need to know about car insurance!

How does motor vehicle liability insurance work?

Many vehicle owners are faced with higher vehicle insurance costs. Auto insurance rates change annually to ensure insurers remain cost-effective. Therefore, it could be financially advantageous to consider switching insurance. A targeted comparison can show whether a change would be advantageous. With's annual overview of insurance offers, you could potentially achieve annual savings of up to 1,300 euros.

This insurance covers damage caused by the insured vehicle. This includes damage to people, objects and so-called financial loss. The latter are damages that are neither physical nor material, but still have financial consequences (e.g. lost income due to an accident).

When does car insurance not cover coverage? Drunk driving usually results in the loss of insurance coverage. If you cause an accident while using your cell phone, liability will cover you, but with comprehensive insurance you could have to cover the costs yourself if gross negligence is found. Even if driving barefoot is permitted, if an accident occurs, the insurance benefit can be reduced. Anyone who carelessly opens a car door and causes an accident usually bears the main responsibility and the associated costs. If a door that was already ajar suddenly opens completely and causes an accident, both parties involved usually share the costs if the other road user had noticed the door beforehand. Driving without a valid MOT can jeopardize your insurance coverage.

Various car insurance policies at a glance: Motor vehicle liability insurance: It is required by law and allows you to drive in public spaces. Insurance companies are required to offer these, but there are some exceptions.

Partial vehicle insurance: Covers damage to your own vehicle caused by third parties, such as accidents involving wild animals or broken glass. However, damage caused by yourself is not included.

Fully comprehensive vehicle insurance: Supplements partial comprehensive insurance and also covers self-inflicted damage to your own vehicle.

Would you like to know more about car insurance? In our video at you will find further information and tips on the subject of vehicle insurance.

Changing car insurance and saving costs: A guide to making smart decisions

Every year when the car insurance bill arrives, many car owners ask themselves the question: Am I paying too much? Can I save costs? The car insurance market is large, and switching can actually bring financial benefits. In this article we will show you how you can effectively save costs by changing your car insurance and which additional insurance, such as liability insurance and legal protection insurance, should be considered.

Compare your car insurance

It may sound obvious, but many people stay loyal to their insurance for years without comparing prices and benefits. Use comparison portals and get at least three offers. It is important to pay attention not only to the price, but also to the benefits of the car insurance. A cheaper tariff may offer less performance.

Liability insurance - A must for every driver Liability insurance is required by law in Germany and protects against the financial consequences if you cause damage with your car. It covers personal injuries, property damage and financial losses. Consider whether your current coverage is sufficient and compare the offers from different providers.

Legal protection insurance - Your legal advice An accident can happen quickly and legal disputes often follow. This is where legal protection insurance comes into play. It covers the costs of the lawyer, court and expert. This insurance can be worth its weight in gold, especially in the event of accidents abroad. Check whether legal protection insurance is included in your vehicle insurance package or whether it would make sense to take out one.

Pay attention to notice periods Most motor vehicle insurance policies can be canceled at the end of the insurance year. Please note the notice period, which is usually one month. There is a special right of termination if your car insurance increases premiums without adjusting the scope of benefits.

Pay attention to discounts and special conditions Many insurers offer discounts for new drivers, families or even for parking the vehicle in a garage. Find out about possible discounts from your current insurer and potential new providers.

Keep an eye on additional services In addition to liability insurance and theLegal protection insurance There are other additional insurances such as partially comprehensive or fully comprehensive insurance. Think carefully about which additional services make sense for you and which ones you really need.

In summary, comparing car insurance regularly can save you money. But not only the price, but also the benefits and service of the insurer should play a role in the decision. Liability insurance is a mustLegal protection insurance can be very helpful in certain situations. With a well-thought-out insurance package, you are completely protected and can move safely on the road.

Optimal vehicle insurance with finanz-fox: Security and flexibility for your vehicle insurance!

On a safe course through the insurance jungle: master motor vehicle insurance with finanz-fox.

Unique approaches in the insurance environment: Every vehicle protection has its own signature

In the complex world of insurance, it can be challenging to keep track of all insurance options. It is important to emphasize that car insurance needs vary from person to person. While some have a special oneLegal protection others prefer comprehensive travel insurance packages or need specialized accident insurance at the same time.

Digital insurance market on the rise: perspectives and thoughts

The increasing trend towards digital insurance solutions is leading to significant changes in the German motor vehicle insurance sector. More and more service providers are entering the competition and presenting tailor-made offers that are tailored precisely to the requirements of modern car owners. This increased market dynamics can lead to more favorable conditions for customersLegal protection offers andTravel insurance options play a crucial role.

Orientation in the insurance thicket: Select the right vehicle protection

Given the variety of insurance options, from liability protection, The question often arises: Which package is the right one? Where might unexpected fees lurk? Obtaining well-founded information before making a decision is essential. Tools and services enable transparent comparisons and offer in-depth insights into different insurance models.

Looking into the future: further development in the field of motor vehicle insurance

The insurance industry, particularly automotive, is continually adapting to meet the changing needs of consumers. Even though motor vehicle insurance is currently very popular, other forms of insurance, such as...Travel insurance orLegal protection offers, gain in importance. With digital tools, customers always stay informed and always find the right protection.

FAQ about car insurance

What is car insurance?


Motor vehicle insurance is insurance that protects your vehicle against damage and third-party liability claims.

Is car insurance required by law?


Yes, in most countries, including Germany, motor vehicle liability insurance is required by law.

What is the difference between liability, partially comprehensive and fully comprehensive insurance?


Liability insurance covers damage you cause to others. Partially comprehensive and fully comprehensive insurance cover damage to your own vehicle.

How is the amount of the car insurance premium determined?


The premium depends on factors such as your vehicle type, your age, where you live and your no-claims class.

What is the no-claims class?


The no-claims class (SF class) is based on your claims-free insurance period and influences your premium.

Can I change my car insurance?


Yes, you can cancel your car insurance once a year and switch to another provider.

What is the coverage amount in liability insurance?


The coverage amount is the maximum amount that your liability insurance will cover in the event of damage.

What additional services does car insurance offer?


Additional services can include accident protection, letters of protection, workshop loyalty and more.

Are there discounts for safe drivers?


Yes, safe drivers can receive discounts in the form of SF classes or bonus-malus systems.

How does my annual mileage affect the premium?


Higher mileage can lead to a higher premium, while low mileage can bring discounts.

Can I cover damage to my own vehicle?


Yes, you can cover damage to your own vehicle with partial and fully comprehensive insurance.

How high is the deductible in comprehensive insurance?

The deductible is the amount you have to pay yourself in the event of damage.

Are there special tariffs for young drivers?


Yes, young drivers often pay higher premiums, but there are rates specifically designed for new drivers.

What role does my vehicle type play in insurance?


Vehicle type and value influence the premium and the choice between partially comprehensive and fully comprehensive insurance.

Can I extend my insurance coverage?


Yes, you can add additional options such as passenger accident insurance or wildlife damage insurance.

What happens in the event of damage?


In the event of damage, report the incident to your insurance company, which will then take care of the damage settlement.

Can I get car insurance for my electric car?


Yes, there are specific car insurance policies for electric cars that take their unique needs into account.

What is the difference between new and used car insurance?

New car insurance is often more expensive, but it offers more comprehensive protection for new vehicles.

What role does my place of residence play in the premium calculation?

The place of residence influences the premium due to regional classes and theft rates.

Can I take out my insurance online?


Yes, many insurers offer the option of taking out car insurance online.

Is there a minimum contract term for car insurance?

Most car insurance policies have a minimum contract term of one year.

What should I do if I had an accident?


After an accident, you should immediately inform the police, prepare an accident report and notify the insurance company.

How can I cancel my car insurance?


You can usually cancel your car insurance in writing with one month's notice.

What is an electronic insurance confirmation (eVB number)?


The eVB number is an electronic code that is required when registering a vehicle.

Can I change my car insurance in the event of a claim?

Yes, you can change your car insurance after a claim, but you should pay attention to the notice periods.

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