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Find the best fixed-term deposit offer: security and returns with the finanz-fox fixed-term deposit comparison!

Fixed-term deposits in Germany: A safe and predictable investment

In the landscape of financial investments, fixed-term deposits occupy a special place in Germany. It is a form of investment in which a specific amount of money is invested over a set period of time at a pre-agreed interest rate. This period can range from a few months to several years. The attractiveness of fixed-term deposits lies in their security and predictability.

What exactly is a fixed-term deposit?

The principle of fixed-term deposits is simple: you invest your money in a bank for a set period of time and receive interest in return. The big difference to other forms of savings, such as daily money, is that you cannot use the money during the term. This fact makes a fixed-term deposit comparison particularly important, as you want to ensure that you receive the best conditions for your investment.

Why a fixed-term deposit comparison is so important

In Germany there are a number of banks that offer fixed-term deposit accounts with different conditions. Interest rates, terms and minimum investment amounts may vary. A thorough comparison of fixed-term deposits will help you find the offer that best suits your financial goals and needs. Without such a comparison, you could easily give away interest income or tie yourself up unnecessarily.

Another reason to compare fixed-term deposits is security. In Germany, deposits up to a certain amount are protected by the deposit protection fund. Nevertheless, it is advisable to also take the creditworthiness and ratings of the banks into account when comparing fixed-term deposits.

Fixed-term deposit comparison in the digital era

In the age of the Internet, comparing fixed-term deposits is easier than ever. Numerous portals offer extensive comparison lists in which conditions, interest rates and other relevant factors are compared. This enables savers to identify the best offer quickly and easily.

Advantages of fixed-term deposits

In addition to security, fixed-term deposits in Germany offer the advantage that the interest rates are set in advance. This means that you know from the start what return you can expect at the end of the term. This can be a decisive advantage in an uncertain interest rate environment.

This is what makes comparing fixed-term deposits so important: By comparing different offers, you can get the most out of your investment and ensure that your money works for you.

What you should pay attention to when comparing fixed-term deposits

When comparing fixed-term deposits, you shouldn't just pay attention to the interest rate. Important criteria also include the term, the minimum investment amount and the frequency of interest crediting. For example, some banks offer quarterly interest payments, which promotes the compound interest effect.

In conclusion, it can be said that fixed-term deposits in Germany are an attractive and safe form of investment. By thoroughly comparing fixed-term deposits, you can ensure that you receive the best conditions for your savings and benefit fully from the advantages of this form of savings. It's worth taking the time to compare and make the best decision for your financial future.

The advantages of a tailor-made fixed-term deposit comparison for your financial freedom.

Maximizing returns

In an environment where interest rates on savings investments like thatchecking accountare historically low, the search for more profitable options is becoming increasingly urgent. The fixed-term deposit can represent an attractive alternative. A good fixed-term deposit comparison will show you which bank and under what conditions you can get the best interest rates for your money.

Security through information

A tailor-made fixed-term deposit comparison not only provides data on interest rates. It also informs you about deposit protection, terms and other conditions. This means you know exactly how safe your money is and when you can use it again.

Time saving

Instead of visiting each bank individually or searching through their websites, you can get all the relevant information at a glance by comparing fixed-term deposits. This not only saves time, but also ensures that no attractive offers are overlooked.

Flexibility and customizationability

Maybe you already have onechecking account and are interested in how the interest rates compare to current money. A tailored fixed-term deposit comparison can also integrate this information, giving you a comprehensive overview of all your investments.

Integration of modern technologynologies

Wie already mentioned, areRobotadvisorone of the latest developments in the financial sector. They use algorithms to make investment decisions. A good fixed-term deposit comparison could also provide information on how this technology can complement or optimize your fixed-term deposit investment.

Transparency and objectivity

An independent fixed-term deposit comparison shows you the offers in a clear and concise manner, so that you can be sure that you are receiving objective information that is not influenced by sales incentives.

Holistic approach

A tailor-made comparison takes into account not only the pure numbers, but also your individual needs and goals. You may be willing to accept a longer term for a higher return. Or you prefer a bank that also has a good oneDaily money comparison offers. All of these factors can be taken into account in the comparison.

At a time when the financial future seems uncertain and investment options can be overwhelming, a tailored one gives youFixed deposit comparison the tools to make informed decisions and secure your financial freedom. Whether you are looking for the best return, more aboutRobotadvisor If you want to find out more or want to compare your current account with other investment options - the right fixed-term deposit comparison will show you the way.

The numerous advantages of fixed-term deposits: security, profitability and financial stability

Optimal advice – competent and free of charge

Fixed-term deposit comparison: Optimal advice – competent and free of charge

If you are looking for the optimal fixed-term deposit offer, take enough time and use our free comparison service from finanz-fox. Our experts are always ready to support you with specialist knowledge and experience. Everyone on our team is an experienced financial specialist with a deep understanding of fixed-term deposits. Your personal advisor will carefully assess your needs and help you find the best conditions on the market.

Fixed term for guaranteed interest

Duration. In contrast to other investment products, such asCurrent accounts, you tie up your money for a set period and benefit from fixed interest rates in return. This makes fixed-term deposits particularly attractive for those who are looking for a stable return and are prepared to forego short-term availability.

This stability provides investors with the security of knowing exactly what amount will be available at the end of the term, regardless of market fluctuations.

Better interest rates than checking accounts

Here, too, fixed-term deposits usually offer higher interest rates than a conventional onechecking account. While checking accounts often offer minimal or no interest, investors with fixed-term deposits can benefit from interest rates that are above the market average.


Although interest rates can change depending on the economic climate and central bank policy, fixed-term deposits typically offer more attractive returns than many mainstream savings products.

Security through deposit insurance

Just like Current accounts The security of the invested capital is crucial for many investors. Fixed-term deposits are protected by deposit protection funds in many countries, including Germany. This means that in the rare event of a bank failure, deposits are safe up to a set amount.

It is advisable to always check the conditions and limits of deposit protection before concluding a fixed-term deposit contract.

Fixed-term deposits offer an attractive mix of fixed returns and security. They are ideal for those who are looking for a reliable investment option that promises a guaranteed return. In economically uncertain times, a fixed-term deposit account is a safe investment. A fixed-term deposit comparison can therefore be a valuable decision-making aid in finding the best offer for your financial needs.

FAQ about fixed-term deposits

1. What is a fixed-term deposit account?
A time deposit account is a type of savings account in which money is invested for a set period of time at a fixed interest rate. You generally cannot access the money during this term.

2. Why should I open a fixed-term deposit account?
Fixed-term deposit accounts usually offer higher interest rates than call money or current accounts. They are ideal for investors who know that they will not have to access their money for a certain period of time and who want to benefit from a guaranteed interest rate.

3. How safe is my money in a fixed-term deposit account?
As with daily deposits, your money in a fixed-term deposit account is usually protected up to a certain amount by statutory deposit insurance. However, it is advisable to check with your bank about the exact security amount.

4. How do I open a fixed-term deposit account?
Opening a fixed deposit account is similar to the process for other bank accounts. After selecting the term and amount, the interest rate is set and the money is invested for the agreed period.

5. Are there any fees for a fixed-term deposit account?
There are usually no fees for opening or maintaining a fixed-term deposit account. But it is always advisable to check your bank's exact conditions.

6. How high are the interest rates for fixed-term deposits?
Interest rates vary depending on the bank, term and market conditions. Longer terms often offer higher interest rates, but it's important to consult comparison sites to find the best deals.

7. Can I access my money early?
As a rule, early access to the fixed-term deposit is not possible or is associated with loss of interest or fees. It is important to be sure that you will not need the money during the term.

8. What happens at the end of the term?
At the end of the term, including interest, the money is usually transferred to a reference account or it can be invested again as a fixed-term deposit.

9. Is there a minimum or maximum deposit amount?
Yes, many banks set a minimum amount for opening a fixed-term deposit account. Maximum amounts may also exist, especially for offers with particularly high interest rates.


10. Do I have to pay taxes on my fixed deposit interest?
As with overnight interest, interest income from fixed-term deposits is also taxable in many countries. It is advisable to find out the exact tax regulations from a tax advisor or your bank.

11. How do fixed-term deposits differ from overnight deposits?
The main difference is availability and interest rate. While call money is available daily and offers variable interest rates, money in a fixed-term deposit account is invested for a set period of time at a fixed interest rate.

12. Can I deposit additional money into my fixed-term deposit account?
No, you generally cannot add additional money after opening a fixed-term deposit account. Each new deposit would require the opening of a new fixed-term deposit account.

13. Do fixed-term deposits always offer higher interest rates than call money?
Often yes, especially for longer terms. This is due to the lack of availability of the money and the associated lower risk for the bank.

14. Are there risks when investing in fixed-term deposits?
The main risk is that you will not be able to access your money during the term. There is also the risk of inflation, which could reduce the real value of your deposits over time.

15. What happens if the bank goes bankrupt?
In most countries, deposits are protected by deposit insurance up to a certain amount. In the event of a bank bankruptcy, you would be compensated up to this amount.

16. Can companies or organizations invest fixed-term deposits?
Yes, many banks offer fixed-term deposit products for both private individuals and companies or organizations.

17. How is interest calculated?
Interest is usually calculated annually or at the end of the term on the invested capital. The exact calculation and interest credit depends on the bank and the product chosen.

18. Are there fixed-term deposit accounts in other currencies?
Yes, some banks offer fixed-term deposit accounts in foreign currencies. This can bring additional opportunities, but also risks due to currency fluctuations.

19. Can I manage my fixed-term deposit account online?
Many banks offer online banking for term deposit accounts, making it easier to manage and monitor your deposits.

20. Can I open a fixed-term deposit account together with my life partner?
Yes, many banks offer the option of opening joint fixed-term deposit accounts. Both account holders are considered to have equal rights.

21. How do I receive my interest?
Interest is usually either credited annually or added to the principal balance at the end of the term. Some banks also offer monthly or quarterly interest payments.

22. What happens if I need to access my money urgently?
Early access may result in loss of interest or fees. It's important to check this before opening the account and to make sure you don't need the money during the term.

23. How can I close my fixed-term deposit account?
Normally, the fixed-term deposit account is automatically closed or converted at the end of the term. If you close early, you should check your bank's terms and possible fees.

24. Are there special fixed-term deposit offers for children or young people?
Some banks offer special fixed-term deposit products for younger customers, which often come with higher interest rates or more flexible terms.

25. Can I open a fixed-term deposit account from abroad?
Yes, many banks allow customers from abroad to open a fixed-term deposit account. However, special conditions or fees may apply. It is advisable to clarify this beforehand.

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